Can’t find JUUL wholesale, Eonsmoke Pods are the next best thing

JUUL is very selective where they sell their pods wholesale to. If you Vape store like myself and you don’t want to pay the obscene prices of the select few places that distribute JUUL you look for options. Now there are companies like Bo and Phix out there but most clients right now own the JUUL device. Finally, there was a solution that was a viable option for my clients. A company out there finally made JUUL compatible pod wholesale. I used their websites wholesale page and fill out an application online. A few days later they got back to me with samples and I was finally relieved of being a slave to JUUL in my vape store

JUUL has a distribution model where you will only be successful if you charge over their online retail prices. In fact, when I contacted them directly they mentioned they do not wholesale their pods to my zip code whatsoever. They said to use a coupon, buy from their website and try and sell the pods for $20, five dollars above their retail price. Eonsmoke pods look similar enough, and to be honest, our customers are just looking for any pods that fit their JUUL device so the JUUL compatible eon pods were a no-brainer.

Once the Eonsmoke pods arrived at my shop, I was shocked. For the wholesale price they charged and the 100% margins they offered, I thought I would get the sub-par product. Not only was their packaging attractive, I really liked the way the pod felt in my mouth. Their pods are more round of a shape and not square like a JUUL. Once I took a couple of pulls from the pod, I was surprised again. All of the flavors are a bit different than JUUL pods but in a good way. The flavors in 4% salt nicotine are super smooth and satisfying. Their 6% nicotine packs a strong throat hit and that’s what the majority of my customers buy from me.

So now I am on month 3, and my pod sales are actually doing so well. I still get asked for JUUL pods from new customers but I pop open one of the eonsmoke pods in watermelon and let the customer try it. After that, they quickly forget that they actually came in for JUUL and buy a pack of our eon pods. I am happy to tell the world that buying the JUUL compatible pods from eonsmoke not only maximized my profits but I did not have to beg JUUL reps for a measly order from them.


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