Kishkinta Theme Park Accident at Chennai: One dead, Two Arrested

Kishkinta Theme Park Accident at Chennai: One dead, Two Arrested: Sad News from Chennai Theme Park. The Kishkinta Amusement Park’s, sudden hammock fell like tea cup that tilts from one side to the other. That giant hammock wheel crashed, all the people were injured due to this accident with One dead.

Kishkinta theme park accident
Minutes before the giant wheel collapsed in Kishkinta Theme Park, Chennai | source: ANI photo

Kishkinta Amusement Park Accident

On Wednesday evening: While on the testing, the giant wheel was crashed down from the height of 15 feet with the 20 people. Nine of the people are injured heavily. According to the sources, the concerned Police arrested the Kishkinta Amusement Park owner.

The workers were not ready to sit in that Disco Dancer, because of owner’s completion, they went for checking. Due to this accident, one person died on that spot and remaining persons are injured seriously. Josh Punnish is the owner of the Kishkinta Amusement Park, Chennai. He was arrested later this incident by nearest concern police station.

The 19 years old worker died in this incident. His body was handover to his family and relatives. All other injured persons are in a critical situation. One of the workers (Dheenadayalan is working in that park as Chlorine mixer in the Swimming Pools) described that live incident to the reporter as “the first two minute was gone as very fine, but later that, sometimes they felt the jerk. One of the men behind him, who holds his hands and told him as ‘not to scare.’ Within a minute, that person was gone (missing). It looks like, everything went as black.

Watch Kishkinta Theme Park Accident Video here

In a video released by the website, NewsMinute shows the full video.

Were most of the workers are doing their work for only Five Thousand to Six Thousand Rupee Salary. This news was made entirely as a shocking one for all of us. Police should investigate into this issue and the owner should be punished for this incident.


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