[MMM] Madha Matthu Manasi Movie Review, Rating, Story Plot & Final Verdict

Madha Matthu Manasi Movie Review: Sathish Pradhan’s directorial romantic comedy is starrer by the lead artists of Prajwal Devaraj and Shruti Hariharan. K. S. Chandrashekar is the cinematographer of this film, he made his job as well by using thoughts of Sathish. It is the Kannada regional film by the co-producer and music composer of Mano Murthy. Due to some reasons, the film has pushed on this Friday release. The expectation level is moderate when to compare with other releases for this film. Check the list of screens which is screening on this Friday with the locations here. This romantic comedy film had six tracks of the song with the lyrics of story writer & director of this film, Sathish Pradhan. Only one song has penned by Jayanth Kaikini out of six tracks.

Madha Matthu Manasi Movie Review, Rating, Story Plot & Audience Response
Madha Matthu Manasi Movie Review, Rating, Story Plot & Final Verdict

Madha Matthu Manasi Movie Review, Rating

This Kannada film title is the character names of the movie lead roles. Madha Matthu is the character name of Prajwal Devaraj, and Manasi is the film name of Shruti Hariharan. The makers have already released the movie video songs on Official YouTube channel of Anand Audio. Fans can check the complete videos as a pack in the format of Official Playlist here below.

Madha Matthu Manasi (2016) Story

The film shooting was started around mid of 2015 and now, the film releasing now at this end of November. Madha Matthu Manasi has produced by the music director of Sandalwood, Who has worked only as a music composer here before in Kannada films. Sruthi had a big fan base in Karnataka and she always proved that she is the director’s actor with different acting. She appearing as the blind girl in this film and performed well along with the help of the director, Sathish. In this, film she didn’t share her own voice even though she know the Kannada language. On her recent interview, she said that  I need to cover my 100 percent acting for a film with my voice. The male lead role, Prajwal Devaraj has rocked his performance in all the genre in this film.

Madha Matthu Manasi (2016) Rating

The Sathish Pradhan romantic story had some pepper of comedy revolving around this film. The Sandalwood people can able to enjoy this film on theater only at the free mind without any expectations. Mano Murthy is an another lead artist of this film, who made the romantic feels over this film by his background music. It is one of the films which competes with Mandyadha Hudugru. Overall, it is the average film of this weekend in the Kannada language.

Madha Matthu Manasi (2016) Music

Shreya Ghoshal has shared her voice for three songs in this film such as Madha Mathu Manasi, Nachle Nachle, and Vismithanade. Sonu Nigam has sung a song of Jayanth Kaikini’s Bareyada Geetheya. He has also collided with the Shreya Ghosal’s Vismithanade.  Kailash Kher has also listed in the list of Madha Matthu Manasi singer, who had the experience with the pop-rock, folk music, and Sufi music. He gave his voice for the lyrics of Byada Maga. All the six tracks have some special vibrations and those made people’s watch and listen.

Madha Matthu Manasi Final Verdict

Even though, the release of this film being late, the story and screenplay look as good. People and Fans can watch this film on nearest theaters to express the real feelings over romance and comedy scenes.


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