Medical Helicopter Crash in Alabama while Airlifting

Medical Helicopter crash in Alabama Wooded area while airlifting, killing all the three crew members on the board and one patient also got killed, Official said. A Pilot, nurse, Medic and a patient were on the board when it crashed early morning.

Earlier, the helicopter was reported missing at 12:17 A.M, and discovered at 7.02 A.M.

medical helicopter crash in alabama

Medical Helicopter Crash in Alabama

Recently, a plane from Dubai to Russia blasted at the time of landing and all the 62 people were dead. This is the second air accident that happened in a week.

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The problem with the high number of air accidents are is mostly due to pilot’s error. Most of these accidents occur at night or early morning, due to reduced visibility. Also, everything in the medical and emergency plane is basically unplanned scenario. So these manufacturers should concentrate more on implementing new technology to avoid these type accidents and save lives in future.

Investigators still searching for clues in this deadly medical helicopter crash that happened today in Alabama.


Name of the Victims in the Medical Helicopter Crash

The victims were,

  • Pilot Chad Hammond
  • Flight nurse Stacey Cernadas
  • Flight medic Jason Snipes
  • Patient Zach Strickland

An Alabama Ambulance company, Haynes, operated the Helicopter, Officials said.

Stay tuned for more updates.



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