Microsoft Updated Their Windows 10 OS: Start Menu, Cortana Improved, & More

Microsoft Updated Their Windows 10 OS: The Company, Microsoft Corporation has brought out with their Lots of New updates and upgrades on their Recently released Windows 10 Operating System. Also, the Microsoft Company has been changing their market trends, and also their Windows 10 Mobile Operating System.

Microsoft Updated Their Windows 10 OS
Microsoft Updated Their Windows 10 OS

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Microsoft Updated Their Windows 10 OS

  • Windows Ink: After some short of period, the Company of Microsoft tried to get more users on their new screens with the updated versions of Windows 10 Operating System. Finally, Microsoft processing on their new and improved Windows Ink. Also, it has now expanded with more apps such as Maps, Microsoft Edge and more.
  • Start Menu Improvement: As well as working with the Windows Start Menu. The Company gets back their previous star menu screen, which contains all the Apps present in a single Screen for Tablet users. Also, for the desktop users, a single list view has now been incorporated in this new update.
  • Cortana Update: It is for the Windows 10 Mobile Users, the integral elements of the Windows 10 Mobile OS (Operating System) has been updated. And the Cortana is now placed on the Lock screen. The updates of Cortana on the notification also updated as a favour of users.

Because of those updates, the Company will get more users of their Mobile and be operating Systems as well. From this New and improved updates of Microsoft Corporation will be made another footprint of their Operating System Carrer. Also, the company is now working on introducing more of these changes and with the anniversary update coming out, all the Windows Users are expected that developer updates will soon release for the users.


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