Miss USA 2016 Top 15 Finalists Name and Check the Winner

Miss USA 2016 Top 15 Finalists Name and Check the Winner, Results: There is a  competition to find the Miss USA 2016. Where it has been started at the place in Las Vegas on June 4, 2016, with the contestants of 52. Based on the Fan Favorite, Miss USA-California, Nadia Mejia was got lots of votes. The winner will be represented at the Miss Universe Pageant. Whereas, Daniella Rodriguez was eliminated in the first cut. Scroll down to get the Top  finalist were selected by the Judges panel.

Miss USA 2016 Top 15 Finalists Name and Check the Winner
Miss USA 2016 Top 15 Finalists Name and the Winners Results

Miss USA 2016 Top 15

After this night, the finalist participants names were declared by the panel of Judges. Here, we updated the Top 15 finalists name.

1. Leah Lawson (South Carolina),
2. Megan Wise (Ohio),
3.Emanii Davis (Georgia),
4. Chelsea Myers(Arizona),
5. Peyton Brown (Alabama),
6. Nichole Greene (West Virginia),
7. Deshauna Barber (District Of Columbia),
8. Nadia Mejia(California),
9. Sydnee Stottlemyre (Missouri),
10. Tiffany Teixeira (Connecticut),
11. Chelsea Hardin (Hawaii),
12. Madison McKeown (South Dakota),
13. Abby Floyd (Arkansas),
14. Desi Williams (Virginia), and
15. Taylor Gorton (Oklahoma).

The First Viewing Judges of Miss USA 2016

Fred Nelson, Joey Boukadakis, Keltie Knight, Kristin Conte, Nick Phelps, and Rebecca Bienstock were judges for the first viewing.

When to compare the Miss USA 2015, there were 8 Latins. But in this Miss USA 2016, there are only two people. The Preliminary round was conducted on 01 June 2016 (Wednesday), and the judge’s panel was declared the results of preliminary. Where, totally 52 women participated in this preliminary round and wore swimwear, evening gowns.

The Marks are given to the participants based their Dresses

Daniella Rodriguez from Texas and Nadia Mejia from California are representing the Hispanic heritage at Miss USA 2016.

Terrence Jenkins and Julianne Hough were the hosts for that night, and the live streaming of this Miss USA 2016 and the live Television telecast was made with the help of T-mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Also, the night of the first day was filled with the highlights of Steve Harvey’s special cameo and he cited the Miss Colombia blunder which happened at Miss Universe 2016.

Ali Landry, Crystle Stewart, Joe Zee, and Laura Brown were the Telecast judges. The Venue have also flowed with some performance. Ashley Graham joined them at the backstage and poured in inside scoop all the time.


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