MS Dhoni Epic Reply to a Journalist – “Come Here” Lets have some Fun

MS Dhoni Epic Reply to a Journalist again: Still searching for a reason regarding India’s lose on T20 World Cup Semi-final against West Indies? After the West Indies Winning Semi-Final 2 Match of ICC T20 World Cup 2016, West Indies players celebrated their winning on the ground with silence around the crowd on Mumbai Stadium. After this match, the Captain of India team, MS Dhoni gave some emotional answers to the media’s questions. Also, MS Dhoni shows again about his name as Captain Cool with Fun speech. In that, he revealed his retirement plan and regarding his play until World Cup 2019 indirectly. This video goes viral on social media and YouTube by his fans in India #MahiWay

ms dhoni epic

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MS Dhoni Epic & Fun Speech with Journalist

Dhoni: Come here. Let’s have some fun. Come here.
Dhoni: (Journalist shows reluctance but he insists.) Come, come, come. Seriously. Yeah, Yeah, Come.
Journalist: (Sits on a chair besides Dhoni) Yes sir.
Dhoni: You want me to retire.
Journalist: No. That’s what I wanna ask you.
Dhoni: I was hoping it to be an Indian media guy, you know. Because I can’t really say if you have a brother or a son who can really play for India as a wicketkeeper.
Journalist: Sure sir.
Dhoni: You think I am unfit?
Journalist: No.
Dhoni: Looked at me running?
Journalist: Very fast.
Dhoni: You think I can survive till the 2019 World Cup?
Journalist: (Thinks) Umm… Sure yes.
Dhoni: Then you have answered the question.

MS Dhoni with Journalist After Semi Final Video

This epic reply by MS Dhoni clearly states that he had no idea on retirement at the moment and he will play strong till 2019 world cup. This news made his huge fans and celebs happy even though India lost their match against West Indies.


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