Mukunda Murari Movie Review (Kannada), Rating, Story Plot and Verdicts

Mukunda Murari Movie Review, Rating, Story & Verdicts: The movie title is the character of the movie lead roles. The Kannada Star Sudeep has appeared on the screens as Murai and Upendra as Mukunda. Both of his names is the title of this latest satirical comedy drama of Sandalwood. Mukunda Murari Kannada film is the remake of the original film of OMG – Oh My God Hindi film, which was released in 2012 and became a blockbuster of the year. Then, the film has released in Telugu by Venkatesh and Pawan Kalyan with the title of Gopala Gopala in 2015. Now, it is a turn for Kannada speaking people to watch the blockbuster film in their language with Kichcha Sudeep and Real Star Upendra. Let’s read the Complete details about the film and read the Mukunda Murari Movie Review, Rating, Story Plot and final verdicts.

Mukunda Murari Movie Review, Rating, Story & Verdicts
Mukunda Murari Movie Review

Mukunda Murari Storyline: Mukunda is an atheist who owns a shop selling Hindu idols with his wife. One day, a sudden earthquake destroys their shop. Then, he takes legal action against God after losing his shop. All the Religious organizations raised their voice against him.

Movie Run Time: 135 Minutes (02 Hours 15 Minutes)

Lord Krishna visited him as a human being with the name of Murari and clarified her solution. The story of the movie is how Lord Krishna solved the issue, and the movie teaches the Holy books such as Bhagavad Gita, Bible, and Quran. Let’s read the Mukunda Murari Movie Review, Rating, and final verdicts. The censor board has given the certificate with “U,” and the film is releasing today on October 28, 2016.

Mukunda Murari Movie (2016) Review: Directional

Nanda Kishore directional satirical comedy-drama film has produced with the help of multiple producers namely M.N. Kumar and B. Jayashree Devi under the banner of MNK Movies, Kichcha Creations, Jayashreedevi Productions. Nanda Kishora needs Sudhakar S. Raj as Cinematographer and K. M. Prakash as Editor of the film. Both of them has presented their work skill as well. The Musical background is the another major role for this film to elaborate the feeling about the holy power. It is worth movie to watch at theaters. Read the Musical Mukunda Murari Movie Review on next after the image of this movie.

Mukunda Murari Movie Review

Mukunda Murari Movie Review: Music Scores

The Background score plays the vital role in this satirical movie, Mukunda Murari. Upendra and Sudeep have paired up in a movie as the first time of Kannada movies. Arjun Janya is the music composer of this movie and he also composed the music for background. The four lyrical songs and one instrumental music have packed as a Mukunda Murari album. The album had a good response from the public after the release on October 16, 2016.  V. Nagendra Prasad and Yogaraj Bhat have penned three songs for this film. Vijay Prakash, Palak Muchhal, Chintan Vikas, Shankar Mahadevan, and Upendra are the singers of this film. Kamlakar played the flute instrumental music of Sri Krishna.

Mukunda Murari Cast Performance Review

It is whole drama which also included the genre of comedy and satire. P. Ravi Shankar and Avinash has played in the key roles of the movie and made their act as a positive performance. Nikita Thukral has played as the Mukunda’s wife in this film. All other supporting artists were also performed well and presented the movie on this festival season.

Mukunda Murari Movie Review
Mukunda Murari Movie Review

Mukunda Murari Movie Cast and Crew

Director Nanda Kishore
Producer M.N. Kumar, B. Jayashree Devi
Story Umesh Shukla
Music Composer Arjun Janya
Music Label D Beats
Cinematographer Sudhakar S. Raj
Editor K. M. Prakash
Production Company
MNK Movies, Kichcha Creations, Jayashreedevi Productions

Mukunda Murari Telugu Movie Cast

Upendra as Mukunda, Sudeep as Murari / Lord Krishna, Nikita Thukral as Mukunda’s Wife, Ravi Shankar as Leeladhara Swamy, Devaraj as Retired Advocate, Prakash Belawadi as Advocate, Avinash as Siddeshwara Swami.

Malavika Avinash as TV Interviewer, Ishita Vyas as Gopika Mathe, Kaavya Shah as News Reporter, Tabla Nani as Mukunda’s Assistant, Shivaram as Swamiji, Kuri Prathap as Insurance Company Official.

Other Supporting Artists:

Dingri Nagaraj, Bullet Prakash, K S Shridhar as Church Father, Mohan Juneja, Bhavana Menon in a cameo appearance, Rachita Ram in a cameo appearance, Mimicry Dayanand, Vasu, Swapna Raj, Kuri Sunil, Rockline Sudhakar

Mukunda Murari Movie Review

Mukunda Murari Movie Review: Achievements

DBeats Music World YouTube Channel has released the promotional videos of Mukunda Murari. Here, it is the total views of the videos till date (October 27) of Mukunda Murari Trailer, Teaser, Juke Box, and other promos. The Official Mukunda Murari Trailer has crossed more than 318,000 views. The trailer has released on October 23, 2016.

No. Video Title Views
1. Mukunda Murari – Jukebox More than 82,400
2. Gopala Ba Lyrical Video More than 130,000
3. I Am God God is Great Lyrical Video More than 77,000
4. Gopala Ba Promo Song More than 53,000
5. Mukunda Murari Title Track More than 31,000
6. Mukunda Murari Back To Back Teaser More than 18,000

Final Verdicts: Mukunda Murari Movie Review

It is just not a movie, it shows the lots of true lessons for the modern human beings on this earth. Just visit the nearest theater and Watch Mukunda Murari satirical comedy drama Kannada film in this festival season, Diwali 2016.

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