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Naani Movie Review Kannada: End of June and Very First day of July is a Weekend Friday, and all the religion film will ready to treat us. In Sandalwood, Naani is one of the releases on July 1, 2016. It is a horror and fiction film genre in the Kannada language. The Raghavendra K Gollahalli directed this movie. Manish and the VJ Priyanka Rao is the lead roles of this Movie. Scroll down and read the Naani Movie Review.

Naani Movie Review

Naani Movie Review

One of the 2016 Kannada Horrors, Naani is produced by the man named as Ramesh Kumar Jain. The Television VJ turns into the Kannada film actress by this movie. She is called as Priyanka Rao. The Story of the movie depends on the real occurrence of a test tube baby death in the state of Gujarat in 1997. Because of the fire accident, the 13 years old test tube child died. After the passing of the test tube baby, the parents went to London. After the baby’s death, neighbors of the family feel the 22 room Bungalow, transformed into a haunted house. A young girl sprite is living in that haunted house. The movie Story was narrated based on this storylines. The Baby Suhasini won the state award for the Bannada Kode as she was acted as the test tube baby. While Suhasini Maniratnam and Jai Jagadish are acted as the parents of Naani.

Kannada Movie Naani Review

The official and real life parents of the child gave permission to perform their child in this film. After that only, the film was finished about their shoot and locations. The Movie crew gathered various valid and reasonable information about the real story and modified based on the screening. Baby Suhasini, Priyanka Rao, Manish, Suhasini Manirathnam, Jai Jagdish are shared their screen space in this Horror Kannada film.

Naani Kannada Movie Audience Response

*It will be officially updated as soon. The concern film crew went to the United Kingdom (UK) and collected the photos of the incident and also done various researches about this real incident.

Director Raghavendra K Gollahalli
Producer Ramesh Kumar Jain
Writer BA Madhu
Genre Horror Thriller
Movie Release Date July 1, 2016
Language Kannada

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