Neetish Sarda

Neetish Sarda’s Expansion Plans in Hyderabad

Neetish Sarda is the founder of Smartworks, India’s largest flexible workspace provider to Enterprises. In just five years, Smartworks has amassed an outstanding footprint of over 5 million sq. ft., spanning 33 locations in 9 cities relatively quickly. It has all been possible due to Neetish Sarda’s leadership and guidance, and dedication of his team.

Neetish holds an undergraduate degree in business studies from the Singapore Institute of Management and the Krannert School of Business, Purdue. Rather than joining his family business, Neetish decided to pursue his entrepreneurial endeavours, resulting in the establishment of Smartworks in 2016.

Neetish Sarda

Neetish Sarda led Smartworks is today, the largest and leading provider of flexible office spaces in India catering to Enterprises, MNCs, high-growth startups, unicorns/soonicorns.

How Smartworks earned its success

There is a significant demand for flexible office space in the marketplace. To create an environment that fosters creativity and collaboration, Smartworks has redefined flexible workspaces. The flexible spaces provider has a pan India presence across key cities. Its centres are tech- enabled fully serviced, flexible, and 100% customisable, enabling enterprises to maximize their efficiency while minimizing overhead costs.

Smartworks places a strong emphasis on technology, innovative design, and service offerings. It takes great satisfaction in providing office solutions to more than 45000 employees who represent large corporations, SMEs, and start-up businesses.

The design of a workspace plays a crucial role in employee engagement. Smartworks offers biophilic architecture, comfortable seating areas, and vibrant cafes that boost employee productivity.

What are Neetish Sarda’s Expansion plans in Hyderabad?

In the last quarter of 2021, the company added another 2.32 lac sq ft at Aurobindo Galaxy near Ikea, taking its overall footprint in the region to approx 6 lac sq.ft. Aurobindo Galaxy is centrally placed in the city’s business districts, providing easy access to the Hyderabad metro stations, airports, commercial businesses, and residential regions. It is India’s tallest commercial office tower constructed entirely of precast technology.

Due to the tangible momentum in its workspaces and surge in demand for flex spaces, Neetish Sarda, founder of Smartworks, plans to expand its footprint in Hyderabad. For expansion, the company will be focussing on the micro markets- HITEC City and financial district, as they are the most promising hubs for coworking space in the city. The company, amidst the pandemic, has recently added new centres in Mumbai and Pune.

In his interviews, Neetish has mentioned that expansion in Hyderabad is an important part of their strategy. It is the second-largest city in terms of size and potential after Bangalore

As vaccination rates rise, there is increased demand for managed office spaces, as these spaces enable customers to adapt to their unique needs in these Covid times. 

Moreover, in a traditional office space, a seat costs approx Rs 14,000-15,000, whereas Smartworks offers around Rs 10,000-12,000. It also stands as an important factor for the popularity of Smartworks, besides its aesthetic-tech blend design.

A thriving business model is essential for the success of a start-up. In addition, it can help build a company’s reputation and attract customers. Using a business model that focuses on flexibility, flexible workspaces are gaining popularity with time. With a diverse portfolio of services, Smartworks is one of India’s most innovative companies, the leading workspace provider in the country.


Smartworks has identified large enterprise segments as its target market. It has provided the most prominent corporate offices with a unique office experience. In this space, employees can work from anywhere and interact with their co-workers. The flexibility of Smartworks’ workspaces makes it an ideal place to work.

In India, the demand for flex spaces is likely to increase in 2022 as corporate occupiers transition from capital-intensive commitments to more flexible and managed arrangements. Flexible space solutions are paving their way in the market to meet the demands of recent times.

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