NeosCoin (NEOS) touches $19.42 by increasing 26.89% in 1 hour

NeosCoin (NEOS): Wow, it is a fine day for NeosCoin which increased 26.89 percent within one hour on 29th December around 08:30 am EST. It touches US$19.42. Yesterday, it was US$7.74. As per the analysts, it touches more than US$14.44.

  • This is the first time the coin touches this peak.

The NEOS coin was founded on 24th August 2014 and open to the public on 26th August 2014, it was US$0.045. Within 24 hours, it reaches 178.48% high. For the 100 days, it takes up 161.61 percent from $3.33 as of 28 December 2017.

The Market cap of this coin at present is $70.56 million, yesterday it has $31.65 million. As per the report, it has 21 million coins in circulation around the world.

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The Crypto NeosCoin focused on PoS type and works with the help of a SHA256 algorithm. The Proof of Stake cryptocurrency allows the instant private transactions. Also, the latest version will provide the decentralized and immutable hosting service.

Also, the participants are rewarded for their actions in the social network on their sharing, creating, liking content are automatically rewarded with a point system. In that latest third version (NEOS v3.0), also offers to access the crypto without the need for exchanges.


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