New Icons of Google Play Apps with Redesigned Colors on Coming Week

The family of new Google Play app icons has enclosed with the fresh design factors. According to the announcement of Official Android Blog, the new Google Play icons look Brighter, flatted, and little-embossed design has emerged on the all the Play Store’s as unique icon. Watch the Video of new Google play app icons below. Google says about the new icons will show up on “coming week.”

New Google Play app icons

new google play app icons
credit: official Android blog

You can notice the biggest change on Google Play Music, the brand dropped the old look of headphones and introduced with the new music note inside the circle. As we all known that, Google updating the same kind of design for their all products from the date of Google font design changed under Google’s fluid Material Design guidelines. Also, Google mentioned in their tweet as “We’ve updated our logos! (NO RESTART REQUIRED).”

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Watch Google Play Twitter Video about New Google Play app icons

As overall, the maximum people using Google Play store. However, very few people only using the digital content apps such as movies, TV shows, books, and music when to compare other apps of Google Play. The new updates are shows something like a goal behind this for promoting those apps. It makes a high impact impression for new and existent users.

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Stay tuned for more updates about Google play and other digital!


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