New Zealand Earthquake: Strong 7.1 Magnitude quake strikes

New Zealand Earthquake: The powerful earthquake occurred early on this Friday, 2nd September 2016 at the coastal area of New Zealand. The Tsunami warning has not been given on the affected area. As per the report of U.S. Geological Survey, the injuries, and damages are not available immediately. Some immediate details of Latest New Zealand Earthquake are provided here.

New Zealand Earthquake: Strong 7.1 Magnitude quake strikes

New Zealand Earthquake Strong 7.1 Magnitude quake strikes

New Zealand Earthquake

There is no major warning about the Tsunami. Even though, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center feels very small tsunami near the coastal line of northern New Zealand. The USGS geophysicist John Bellini  shared this information.

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According to the report of USGS, the 7.1-Magnitude earthquake struck northeast Wellington about 569 kilometers in New Zealand. And 169 km northeast of Gisborne. The earthquake had the depth of 30 kilometers (19.1 miles) beneath the surface of the earth.

There are no immediate reports regarding injuries and damages.

CCTV live: Earthquake in New Zealand Today

The New Zealand earthquake: Hashtag on Twitter

The people those who all feel about the New Zealand Earthquake on Twitter. Thay all shared their feelings along with the hash tags of #NewZealandEarthquake #NewZealand Tsunami.

Prabhu ‏@Cricprabhu: Not a good morning in #NewZealand. Prayers for safety & hope the #Tsunami waves reported doesn’t affect much. Stay safe NZ. 7.1 #EarthQuake

Rex Parker ‏@rexparker: Actually it looks like the rather massive quake did (comparatively) little damage. Somehow. #earthquake #NewZealand

nOnsTop UWK ‏@nonstop91: New Zealand hit by major 7.1 earthquake , Tsunami warning
Pray for New Zealand #NewZealand


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