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Online Video Poker

Video poker is a simple game: you are dealt five cards, choose which ones you want to keep and which ones you want to discard, then draw additional cards to replace them. You win if you have a winning hand such as a flush, straight or double pair. The number of your winnings will depend on the video poker machine’s payout table.

Payout combos

In video poker, the payout table usually comprises five columns that determine the payout based on the number of credits played (from 1 to 5). Most machines at Playnow casino also have a royal flush bonus that rewards royal flushes with 4,000 credits (instead of the potential maximum of 1,250, or 250 x 5). If a 5-credit bet seems too expensive at a particular machine, you should take it down a notch or two and choose a cheaper device.

video poker

Another definite advantage of video poker is that you can enjoy a return of over 100% if you use the right strategy. But games that offer this kind of payout are tough to find, as casinos can end up losing a lot of money on them. So to play, you can either go to a casino, not necessarily the ultimate tourist destination, or look for video poker games at online casinos, which usually offer the best payout rates.

You also need to follow a proper strategy to profit from playing video poker. If you play without any plan or follow an ineffective method, your winnings will be similar to those you can expect from a slot machine. Finally, always remember that you will never become a multi-millionaire, even playing machines that offer these kinds of payouts. If you can play 600 hands in 1 hour at 1.25 CAD per hand, you will have to bet 750 CAD. If you played without making a single strategic mistake, your advantage would be 0.77%, earning you 5.78 CAD per hour. You’ll probably have to spend thousands of pounds before you hit a royal flush and hit the big jackpot.

The more expensive machines also increase the payout, but the devices that offer returns of over 100% are usually only available at very low stakes.

Online video poker games

It is not that hard to find card games in casinos, both online and real. But at, players can also enjoy free and pay rounds of Jacks or Better.

These games allow for many hands to be played in each match. Video poker also offers a good chance of beating the casino in the long run. Analysis has shown that strategy, cash management and other playing techniques greatly influence the outcome of this game. So get started today and enjoy the adventure of video poker!

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