OPS4CM Trending in Twitter India

OPS4CM is recently trending popular hashtag in India. Finance Minister O Panneerselvam from AIADMK political party is trending over the Twitter for the past few hours demanding for Chief Minister posting. It was not him and some unknown Netizen started this hashtag #OPS4CM as a game to make some internal issues in Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam.


ops4cm trending in twitter

OPS4CM Hashtag Trending in Twitter:

It is very usual that most popular topics are featured with hashtags in Social Networks. In that case, on the 3rd March, India vs UAE Asia Cup Cricket Match started trending in Twitter. After few hours, some creative netizen started this hashtag and soon it became popular all over India. In few hours, #OPS4CM reached to the Meme creators and so many Memes started trending along with some funny creative works of Other netizens from Tamilnadu.

Earlier today, news spread that O Panneerselvam had a discussion with his followers and other Ministers in a Star Hotel regarding Election campaign and later this trending happened. The problem is, all these things are happening against AIADMK chief J Jayalalitha who recently dismissed OPS followers from ADMK party.

This is just making a big turning point in Tamilnadu politics and it will definitely make huge impacts & twists in the internal party affairs.

OPS4CM Funny Tweets:

Here are some funny tweets by meme creators with #OPS4CM Hashtag,


O Panneerselvam to Become Next CM?

Let’s wait and see how big this issue is going to be in next few days. There is a chance for OPS to get removed from AIADMK if this makes a huge impact in AIAMK political party.

Share this post as much as possible. Hope Netizens will stop trolling and stop creating nuisance in Social Networks that cause turning points in someone’s real life like this OPS4CM trends.



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