Oviya Recap Video of Bigg Boss Tamil released by Vijay TV

Oviya Recap Video has been released by the Star Vijay official twitter page with a greeting words about her. After releasing two promo teaser of the night (August 7). They released Oviya’s moments which covered with happiness, sadness, and hard portions.

Oviya Recap Video

This video was already showed on August 7th Saturday night. Now, they released as a separate video specially for Oviya. Here before, they did not released like this video for any other contestants who all evicted from the show.

Watch the Oviya Recap Video:

Before this video, Vijay TV has released two promo for August 7th night show. In that, Gayathri expressed her unhappiness about the comments of Kamal Haasan in the weekend show. Before the eviction of Julie, all the contestants of the Bigg Boss who all currently there in the house were talked with Kamal Haasan personally. Gayathri was also had conversation with Kamal Haasan, who pointed out her mistakes especially her bad words.

Way of her behavior over Oviya is very different from other inmates. So, in the recent promo, Gayathri looks upset and she discussing about that with other inmates. She mentioned a word discouraging in the promo. She does not like this kind of image on her.

In the same video, Raiza interpreted over Gayathri’s statement. She said that as “Kamal Haasan sir asked me the similar questions.” But, Gayathri replied as “Please don’t compare you and me; I’m not like you.”

Gayathri against Kamal Haasan

The clip ended with the statement of Gayathri that her mother has only rights to correct her mistakes.

After few hours later, second promo was released. In that Raiza announced as a leader of this week. For this, Sakthi gave a response “Aarav, you become the captain instead.” On another side, Snehan had a conversation with Vaiyapuri about Sakthi’s comment. He says “How can Shakti say something like that. Can’t that girl be the captain?” Vaiyapuri also replied for Snehan’s question as “They cannot digest the decision.”

Raiza about Oviya's issue

Snehan also had conversation with Raiza about Oviya’s issue. In that, Snehan says that he is very upset with the behavior of Gayathri over Oviya and also she done what she like by using Julie and Shakthi. Raiza replied to Snehan that Gayathri is nothing without Shakthi.


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