PacCoin (PAC) increased 405.56% high within a day on 6th January

PacCoin: The PAC coin is an alternative cryptocurrency which is similar to Bitcoin and Litecoin. The coin which was released to the public in November 2015. From the beginning of December 2017, it started its formal value in the US dollar, it raises high from $142 million to $551 million within 24 hours in the market cap.

The volume also going sky, 2,916 BTC in 24 hours. Currently, the value of this coin is $0.000218 on 6th January. In the beginning of this new year, it entered to top 10 biggest gainers, it was noted at the seventh position which increased more than 100% high on that day. Though the value of the coin looks low as mentioned above, the value of market cap for PAC is at $551,128,480 USD. So, the future of investor looking great.

Due to the sudden growth of PACcoin, all the crypto people are starting noticing the coin from last week. According to the source, the development team is working to launch new coin on February 1, 2018. Also, the growth of the coin motivated creators to post on their official forum and let everyone know that PAC’s website will receive a face-lift.

In the last week of 2017, they also released the new PacCoin MAC wallet with full blockchain sync! Also, in the mid-December, the company launched their PAC 10% Affiliate Program. From the beginning of Dec., the PAC coin has available directly on the website with LTC!

How to Buy PAC Coins?

  • Create your account on Coinbase as first.
  • Then, you need to purchase Litecoins (it is easier to purchase PAC coin by using LTC) or Bitcoin (BTC).
  • After that, you need to visit Cryptopia and sign up, which helps to transfer the Litecoin or Bitcoin to the platform and it is the place you can purchase DOGE.
  • You can trade the DOGE for PAC coins.
  • The development team and community is working hard to ensure that purchasing their coins is the simpler way. (The new team is looking to add a face-lift to the PAC official website which makes the process of buying PAC easily.)

Note: LTC and DOGE basemarkets have been temporarily paused in an attempt to ease system congestion while we work through migration and server/network scaling issues. – Cryptopia Exchange (5:04 PM – 5 Jan 2018).


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