RBI to introduce new one rupee currency note Soon

The Department of Economic Affairs under the Ministry of Finance issued a notification about the release of new one rupee currency notes. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is going to introduce the currency notes of one rupee denomination.

Whereas, the new one rupee currency notes have already started printing at the currency printing presses, under the Coinage Act, 2011. Also, the RBI stated that the existing currency notes in this denomination in circulation will continue as usual legally.

RBI to introduce new one rupee currency Soon

The new one rupee currency will be available in a pink & green colours on the obverse and reverse in combination with other colours. The new one rupee coin will be there on the reverse of the note along with the words of ‘Government of India’ and ‘भारत सरकार’. Also, the bilingual signature of Shaktikanta Das, Secretary, Ministry of Finance will be spotted.

Check the new one rupee currency note details here in this picture given below:

RBI to introduce new one rupee currency Soon

As mentioned in the picture, the new one rupee Indian currency will be with the watermarks of Ashoka Pillar and hidden number ‘1’ in the centre and the hidden Hindi word भारत arranged vertically on the right-hand side of the note.

The India Government has introduced the new Rs. 500 and Rs. 2000 notes as part of the demonetization move in November 2016. Also, the central bank withdrew Rs 1,000 notes and the older version of the Rs 500 note from the public circulation as a part of the demonetisation.


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