RChain Price jumps up $2.03 USD by increasing 149.79% high on 2nd January 2018

RChain: One of Blockchain technology which was available to the public as a cryptocurrency from October 2017. So, this is three-month-old valuable digital currency. It raises high again to $2.03 from $1.48 (Yesterday’s highest). This is the first time that the coin touches US$2. RChain is also a decentralized platform which works with the help of Rho Virtual Machine (RhoVM). By using this technology, it performing with the features of lightweight, scalability, and multi-threaded.

On December 19, it touches $1.07 and again it takes to reverse $0.53, then it rose high. Now, it is $371 million market cap as of 2nd January. It is at 68th position in the rank of coinmarketcap.com.

RChain Latest News:

  • The RChain Cooperative will be hosting its first Blockchain Governance conference from February 15th to 18th, 2018.
  • “The Coop’s dev team is pleased to announce the initial milestone release of our RChain node software, Node Hello (v0.1). This package marks the first of many pre-production release milestones along our flight to Mercury.” – Nash Foster

When it was launched in the Public platform as an RHOC, it had a value of $0.30. Now, it is floating between $1.50 and $2. In the smart contracts which enjoy a number of industry-leading functions such as Meta-programming, Reactive Data Streams, and Pattern Matching.

According to the official statement of RChain, every line of code obeys a well-tested, formal model of concurrent computation, allowing automatic formal verification for highly scalable contracts.


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