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Reasons To Get Premium Security Now

There are times in our lives when we find ourselves pitted against the dangers of living an extremely online life. Everything we do is online these days. Movies and videos. Television shows. Music streaming. Banking. And who can forget remote work and collaboration? But it isn’t all a utopian technological landscape. A significantly large number of Americans have been affected by some kind of data breach in the past few years (and there have been some big ones, like Yahoo, Equifax, and Target). People everywhere must take action to avoid becoming a victim of the latest scam, breach, or malware. That’s where premium security software enters the arena. Using the right security software yourself—and your family—is crucial anymore. And here are a few reasons to get one now.

premium security

What Makes Premium Security Great?

Finding a simple antivirus program or setting up basic protection like a firewall isn’t very difficult. Your computer or device likely came with something that serves a similar function straight from the factory. Either that, or you might’ve decided to download one of the many free or “freemium” options out there on the internet-at-large. That works fine for some, but there’s something to be said about using premium security software. To begin with, it helps you keep things up to date easier, which can go a long way to preventing viruses in other problems in the first place. It also keeps your data safe and protected from thieves / scammers who are eager to steal it at the first opportunity. Moreover, premium Security offers a suite of different protection tools including antivirus, firewall, VPN, and identity protection. This makes it a one stop shop for cultivating better security for your family’s devices.

Password Management

One of the most useful and timesaving features of fantastic security software is a password manager. Password managers are databases of passwords for the various websites and applications you use/visit. Controlled by a master password, which is sort of a skeleton key for your private information, these systems are typically loaded with useful security measures and can make it difficult for attackers to compromise passwords. Of course, using a password manager also requires some diligence on your part. You must create strong, complicated passwords that are difficult to crack. This includes using a mix of different letters, numbers, symbols, and making it more complex than your pet’s name or the name of your favorite painting. You can also use multifactor authentication — the process of using more than one verification (usually a text message, email, or random number generator used for authentication) — to supplement your password manager.

Virtual Private Networks

Anybody who’s ever watched a sponsored YouTube video undoubtedly it’s heard about VPNs. But what is a VPN? In short, VPN stands for virtual private network. The slightly longer version is that virtual private networks act as a tunneling system or proxy that allows users to hide their information from their ISP, stay private online, circumvent geo blocked content, and encrypt their data as they browse. A VPN is especially useful for safeguarding your browsing info from your ISP, but it can also help increase access to more resources online and websites that might otherwise be unavailable. Ultimately, a VPN is a worthwhile addition to any device, but it can be helpful for increasing your overall privacy and security while working/playing online.

Identity Protection

Although the world today is extremely convenient compared to even 20 years ago, there’s a slight trade off with an increase in data and identity theft. Anytime you go online, use certain services, or buy something on the internet, you’re putting your personal information out there. If the company doesn’t have strong cybersecurity measures in place or it happens to be inexplicably breached, then your identity or personal data might be stolen. Adding Data and ID security to your overall security package can help you monitor for potential theft, see if your information is appearing on the dark web, and help you thwart the phishing attempts that often lead to Identity/data compromise.

Online Help and Support

customer support for security

If you’re still not yet sold on the idea of premium security, then consider the benefit of having access to 24/7 online support from a team of professionals.  Dedicated professionals can provide technical support for anything from basic questions to emergency situations. They can also help with some spyware/virus removal in certain circumstances. But one of the better aspects of this comes in the PC security health check and the ability to do remote diagnosis and possible repairs. Usually support systems cost a little bit more when you purchase a subscription service. But with the right premium security suite, you can get access to 24/7 technical support and rest easy knowing you can have your questions/concerns addressed pretty much immediately.

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