Google Zagat app is Releases with New design for iOS

Google Zagat app is Releases with New design for iOS

Google: Zagat App is the recommended app to find your perfect restaurant. This App is owned by the Google and today, it gets the refresh for iOS users. This refresh included the new visual design and along with the search function, Rating & Price system… Google Zagat App is now available on iTunes.

Google Zagat app is Releases with New design for iOS

Google Zagat app is Releases with New design for iOS

Zagat App has specially made for the food lovers, it contains the details and maintaining the ratings for the Food, Decor, Restaurant service. From today’s new update reveals the ratings with 1 to 5 points. Get detail about the new Zagat rating here.

The Updated Zagat version id 3.0.0. It has new updates. They are:

  • Vastly improved search
  • Brand new visual design
  • Increased place coverage
  • New ratings and price system
  • Browse by neighborhood and cuisine

The Total App size is 96.4 MB. Google, Inc is the seller of Zagat. Users can download/Update Zagat App from iTune.

Zagat App Review by User

Here, it is one of the Reviews from the iTunes App page.

Someone finally fixed Yelp! 

Cons: they have replaced the venerable Zagat 30-point scale with a more app-friendly 5-point scale.

Pros: everything else! I’ve been using the app for a very short amount of time, but already I love it. It’s similar to Yelp but with the crisp, insightful oversight of the Zagat we’ve all sworn by for so long.

At a glance: Lists/guides aren’t crufty duplicates of each other – they appear to be written by actual professionals. Wait let’s let that sink in. Online content that isn’t crowdsourced? What a breakthrough!!

For each restaurant, the overview is a very Zagat-y short paragraph which really tells you what you need to know. If you want to see user reviews, they are there too, so you can be sure to learn that “u will get fud poysin hear” or that “they gave us soooo much food and it was twice less expensive than in Manhattan!”

What else? Just enjoy the new app!

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