Reliance Jio to launch Rs 1000 LYF phone early Next Year

Reliance Jio to launch Rs 1000 LYF phone: Reliance Jio Telcom, After shaking the telecom sector will launch their new feature LYF phones with a price around Rs 1000. The Telecom company is planning to launch these feature phone series in January to March. These new phones will function similar to other smartphones and will come with the Internet and unlimited calling functionality. There is no official confirmation about the phone to have Touchscreen functionality. This mobile will be Reliance Jio Cheapest Phone in India.

Reliance Jio to launch Rs 1000 LYF phone early Next Year

To get phones manufacturer, Reliance Jio team are working with Lava International and Chinese original equipment. Initially, the phones are expected to come with the branding of both Reliance Jio and Lava. These feature phones are touted to have the keypad, Front, and Rear facing camera. As per our expectation, The LYF phone will be running on Android operating system. On top of which it will come with Jio’s app network such as Live TV, Jio Chat, and video.

Reliance Jio to launch Rs 1000 LYF phone
Reliance Jio to launch Rs 1000 LYF phone Early Next Year

Reliance Jio Network is the only telecom network to offers free calls over VoLTE (Voice over LTE) technology. This feature has already dazzled around 25M customers. Reliance is targeting 100 Million. However, the numbers are still a lot less than Airtel’s 260 million users base. The launch of this feature phone will help Reliance to get user base high. But with reliance jio’s cheapest phone, the numbers can go little high.

Jio’s Spokesperson says, “Jio wants to tap all the segments in the country and sees tremendous potential in the rural areas, which it now aims to tap with VoLTE feature phones.”

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As per yesterday’s International Data Corporation’s IDC report, of the total of 72.3 Million units of smartphone shipped in India, only 32.3 million are of smart phones.
Navkendar Singh, a senior research manager at IDC, says if Reliance Jio launches VoLTE feature phones at Rs 1,000, they will potentially shake up the market because the target audience in that segment may prefer to choose phones with free calling Feature.

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