Revain (R) Coin price increased 95% high, nearing $500 million Market cap

Revain (R) price: R is the token of Revain, which is getting high suddenly from Monday, 29th January. Now, it crosses its lifetime high $2.07 USD by increased 85 percent high in 24 hours on 31st January. At present, the market capitalization of Revain is more than $381 million with the 184 million R supply.

Three days back, it just traveled with the market cap around $150 million. Now, it is nearing $500 million within three days. Also, at the first position in the Biggest Gain in Value in the last 24 hours. It was started after the release of Revain Dashboard V0.4 on Monday, in that, they added new projects.

  • Revain – world’s first impartial survey stage.

Yesterday, it was ranked as 88th cryptocurrency in the world. Now, it is at 63rd world largest cryptocurrency by market cap and it is currently selling for $2.17 USD on Wednesday. The opening price of this coin on Tuesday was $1.11 USD.

Revain had two crypto-tokens such as R token and RVN token. R Token is for the public, which built for the Ethereum blockchain. The other one, RVN token is an inner currency of Revain, which is using for all the process in the inside platform.

Using the second token – R and nonlinear conversion mechanism, Revain acquired an absolutely stable internal token. And finally, due to Ethereum platform, we were able to create a transparent system, guaranteeing immutability and incorruptibility. – in the Official website.

We’ll all do our very best, that I can assure you. Everyone working on the project really believes in the idea and is working really hard to make it into reality. – Revain official Tweet on 30th January 2018.

Revain is the four-month-old cryptocurrency, which is performing well in the market at present. As mentioned early, they launched Revain Dashboard V0.4 on Monday with the list of their cryptocurrency projects. In the review section in the dashboard, they can’t be altered or deleted and the authors will also receive tokens as a reward for creating a review. It encompasses reviews for FMCG, restaurants, e-commerce, even for ICOs and cryptocurrency exchanges.

Where to Buy Revain(R) Coin?

It is one of the most reliable methods out of many to buy Revain (R) coin. Initially, you need to create/register on Coinbase and also on KuCoin. Then Buy Bitcoin/ETH on Coinbase. Now, send Bitcoin to KuCoain to buy R.


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