Ripple & Litecoin looks better than Bitcoin – Things to check

Ripple & Litecoin: The world most valuable Bitcoin is floating between $13,500 to $14,000 in the last one week. At the same time, there were other valuable top coins are getting gain their popularity by increasing their price value. Ripple and Litecoin are the two most popular cryptocurrencies which look great in the recent days.

Recently, the Ripple jumps high to the second position in the table of ranking, now it is priced around $2.10 to $2.40 and you can bough the litecoin for around $240 to $250 on Tuesday. The world’s most valuable bitcoin is available for between $13,600 to $14,000.

Just look back in January 2017, those who all invested on these three coins in that time, they all now getting around 40,000 percent return. At the start of 2017, the price of bitcoin was $1000, the value of litecoin was $4.3, and the Ripple had $0.0063. Think about the difference between the value of these coins in one year.

In the beginning of 2018, the bitcoin, litecoin, and ripple were had the market cap of $232 billion, $13 billion, and $90 billion respectively.

Check important key factors of Bitcoins, Ripple, Litecoin

In the last week of December 2017, the news around the Ripple association with the Japanese banks creates powerfully forward of the token (XRP) value. At the same time, the South Korean announcement on Bitcoin affects the value. In the beginning of December, the bitcoin touches it’s ever highest $11,000.

In between these three coins, the transaction process of Bitcoin take up to 10 minutes per block, but the Ripple spent only around 2 seconds by the new technology.

Blockchain: Each transaction adds to the block and the collection of the blocks will become a chain. So, it is called Blockchain. Most of the digital (Crypto) currencies operating with the help of Blockchain technology.

After the arrival and success of Bitcoin, most other cryptocurrencies were entered into the market. The Bitcoin was founded in October 2008, later years with success, the Ripple switched on its light in 2012 and the Ethereum started in July 2015. Each and every digital currency having their unique ideology, and focusing to achieve it. Like that, the ripple aims to set up as an inter-bank payment.

At present, one can buy 5,696 ripples (XRP) and 56.7 litecoins (LTC) by using (or) at the price of one bitcoin.


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