RJ Balaji’s Goose Bumps Speech at Chennai Marina on January 20th [VIDEO]

RJ Balaji’s Goose Bumps Speech at Chennai Marina: The Radio Jockey and actor RJ Balaji delivered his emotional speech against supporters of Jallikattu ban. He also had his words against all other issues like Fisher men, Educational Institutions, and Political leaders in India.

He said that “We are inspirational for upcoming issues around the world and especially in India. If there is a problem in any other states in India, they will also come up with the youngster’s protest in future.” He mentioned the NDTV Editorial Director’s tweet that she said “Most remarkable thing about the #jallikattu protests is the young women staying at the beach with no fear of harassment. Delhi should learn” on 19th January 2017.

Also, he mentioned the speech about the professor that he supports the Culture and identity of Tamil Nadu. The protest against the Jallikattu Ban is continuing on day 5 at Chennai Marina and various other places in and around India.

Watch RJ Balaji’s Goose Bumps Speech at Marina Beach

He also twitted that he is proud of his speech and he said that the day is best in his life ever. He mentioned on his speech that it is a protest with lakhs of leaders, not only with one. It is not an issue of South India or North India. It is the biggest issue of our Country. A protest along with mothers, sisters. The Police of Tamil Nadu themselves protect, and supporting this protest. Marina Beach is not only as the second largest beach in the world. It is the first largest place for protest. Also, it is not a place only for celebrating Republic day and for Pride.

While the Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the statement that “We are very proud of the rich culture of Tamil Nadu. All efforts are being made to fulfil the cultural aspirations of Tamil people. He also added that “Central Government is fully committed to the progress of Tamil Nadu & will always work to ensure the state scales new avenues of progress.”


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