Samsung Galaxy X Specifications: The First Foldable Phone Could Launch in 2017

Samsung Galaxy X Specifications – The First Foldable Phone Could Launch in 2017: The Electronic Gadget giant, Samsung has been working on introducing their First Foldable smartphone, and the company might be ready with their foldable display phone in 2017. Also, there was a rumour around the upcoming gadget world. Weibo user via Sammobile, who says “the South Korean giant will release five smartphones in 2017. They are Samsung Galaxy S8, the S8 Edge, the Galaxy Note 7, the Note 7 Edge, and the Galaxy X.”

Samsung Galaxy X First Foldable Phone Concept

Samsung introduced this foldable display concept at Consumer Electronics Show 2013 (CES 2013) and also, the company showed their first foldable smartphone prototype in a private meeting at Consumer Electronics Show 2014 (CES 2014).

According to the report of SamMobile, The Galaxy X concept was named as Project Valley. It was designed with the foldable 4K display using a “diamond PenTile subpixel arrangement.”

The First Foldable Samsung Galaxy X specifications are filled with lots of new technology and the specs of this phone are given below. This Foldable Smartphone will be available first in the U.K., Germany, Italy, South Korea, France, Poland, and Nordic countries. In this list of countries, were a U.S is not mentioned. And here we need to say, the list of countries that given above is not confirmed. It may be vary according to their convenience.

Samsung Galaxy X Specifications
Samsung Galaxy X Specifications

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Samsung Galaxy X Specifications

The Company was working on this project with two different ways. The main difference is the Processor of this two devices. One has the Qualcomm Snapdragon

One of the device has worked on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 620, and the other one has worked on the Snapdragon 820. Along with these new processors from Qualcomm, this device has featured with Quick Charge 3.0.

Also, this Smartphone was designed with the 3GB of RAM with a non-removable battery. The Samsung Galaxy X specification was reported with one more information about the expandable storage. As usual MicroSD slot is there but, it will be designed by many.

Stay tuned for More updates on this First Foldable Samsung Galaxy X specifications and other Tech updates.


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