Sandford Fleming, Facts and Info about Inventor of Worldwide Standard Time

Bengaluru: Today marks the 190th birthday of Sandford Fleming, the man behind the worldwide standard time. Google pays tribute to the Sandford Fleming with a doodle on Google’s homepage. Fleming is known as the inventor of Standard Worldwide Time. The Doodle shown in the search engine giant includes the complete life story of Sandford Fleming. Fleming projected hiss idea of a Standard Worldwide Time during the meeting at the Royal Canadian Institute (RCI) on February 8, 1879.

Sandford was a Canadian engineer but born in Scotland. He was a great designer who was rewarded for his accomplishments by Queen Victoria in 1897. The Stand time inventor was in Kirkcaldy, Scotland, in 1827. During his period of birth, people from all regions used the solar time to place their clocks on right time.

Sandford Fleming, Facts and Info about Inventor of Worldwide Standard Time

Sandford Fleming Facts and Information

Sandford recommended dividing the whole world into time zones of 24. To begin with Greenwich Meridian and suggested to space them at 15-degree intervals. This recommendation was followed with 1947’s introduction of Greenwich Mean Time across Great Britain.

In 1849, Sandford founded the RCI – the largest timeshare vacation exchange network in the world. The institute later explored into a world-renowned center which is dedicated to the advancement of science.

The other accomplishment includes designing first postage stamp in Canada, serving Chief Engineer at Canadian Pacific Railway and build the Intercontinental system for Railways.

5 Facts to know about Sandford Fleming

  1. Fleming’s Wife Died Unexpectedly on a Family Trip to France.
  2. A Park Named for Fleming in Nova Scotia Has Become a Haven for Late Night Raves.
  3. At the Time of His Death, Fleming Was Still the Chancellor of Queen’s College in Ontario.
  4. He Was the Chief Engineer of the Railway that Linked Canada’s Atlantic & Pacific Coasts.
  5. When Fleming Designed Canada’s First Postage Stamp He Defied the Government by Putting a Beaver on it.

On July 22, 1915, Sandford Fleming died at the home of his daughter in Halifax, Nova Scotia at his age of 88. He is always remembered for this standardization of World Timezone which is currently being followed by the whole world.


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