SanDisk wireless Flash Drive 200GB launched for $120

Nowadays, lots of ours need to use the day as more productively without wasting time for our works, entertainment, and our comforts. For that, SanDisk introduced their 200GB SanDisk connect wireless Flash drive on Friday, March 18. In past days, we all stored our memories on the 32GB flash drive, and 64GB flash drive for our extend memory, that’s also not enough for our daily life. Now, the company SanDisk announced their latest offer for the 200GB wireless flash drive, and it is available on world’s first online seller for $120. And also, it can be found on Amazon India.

sandisk connect wireless flash drive

SanDisk Connect Wireless Flash Drive on All over the world:

It is compatible with the both famed Operating System called Android and iOS devices, it allows you to connect wirelessly to your device. And it is permitted to transfer the data from one to another device. The another most important feature is, you can able to watch streaming contents up to 3 Android and iOS devices using their app.

Where it is lastly announced in selected countries only on CES 2016. Now, it is available on all over the world.

Features and Review of SanDisk Connect Wireless Flash Drive:

It looks like a little bulky flash drive with the power button on the side. Only you need to install the SanDisk Connect Drive App for Android and iOS. We can’t able to view the data while the flash drive is connected to our PC or Laptop. It is ever an easy way to connect our smartphones with this new SanDisk flash drive by using that app. This app has a built-in video player, and it allows you to play videos such a movies and songs. Initially, it takes 30 seconds to start the stream of the video and goes on without any interrupts. But it doesn’t support the transcoding and adding subtitles in the video files. The app allows us to view the image library, play music, and enabled us to open PDF files. We can see all the pictures and transfer all those things by a single touch. On those who are love to read more comics on your smartphone, please note it down, this app doesn’t permit to change the landscape mode to read a PDF file.

SanDisk Connect Wireless Flash Drive offered on Online store:

We can able to purchase this SanDisk Connect Wireless Flash Drive on Online. The price started $28 for 32GB, $32 for 64GB, $96 for 128GB and now, the 200GB SanDisk Connect wireless Stick for $120 from the e-commerce stores like as Amazon.


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