India’s Apple Brand Ambassador: Shah Rukh Khan!

India’s Apple Brand Ambassador: Shah Rukh Khan!: On of the Top most Technology companies, Apple. This tech giant planned to rope in India’s Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan as an Apple’s brand ambassador for Indian country. It will mark a separate individuality and strengthen the Apple’s product profiles in India.

According to the report of PC Tablet, this new announcement will happen while on the time of Apples’s next new iPhone launches in 2017 India.

India's Apple Brand Ambassador Shah Rukh Khan!
India’s Apple Brand Ambassador Shah Rukh Khan!

India’s Apple Brand Ambassador Shah Rukh Khan!

In last month, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple took his trip to India, where he honchos of the Bollywood Film Industry. Also, he attended a night dinner party which was hosted by Shah Rukh Khan.

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Shah Rukh Khan will be joined in the row of Apple’s Brand celebrity row such as the company already had a number of great ambassadors like as Brazilian-born soccer player Neymar, or NBA player Steph Curry in the US. Where these personalities are used to market the Apple Products in certain areas. So, in India, they planned to set an Apple’s brand ambassador to market their upcoming products.

Tim Cook had a discussion about their company’s focus on next stage as well as their growth like India and other countries. Also, he expressed that it is a right time to promote Apple’s product. While on his recent visit to India.

The Apple CEO, Tim Cook said to NDTV, “Journey starts with the first step. We are not here for a year or few years, we are here for a long time, 100s of years. And we are a long term company. The thing that we make the most focus is iPhone. It’s a key part.”

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