repair or replace iphone

Should you Repair or Replace a Broken iPhone?

It is a well-known fact that Apple devices have a high reliability and excellent quality of work. However, due to various unpleasant situations, minor defects may occur sooner or later, which can only be eliminated by repairing an iOS gadget. This is most often due to damage to the case or break of parts because of accidental fall of the device.

Repairing the iPhone can cost a lot of money. Therefore, a logical question arises here – which is better to repair or buy a new iPhone? We will look at this topic in more detail below.

IPhone Replacement

Let’s discuss iPhone replacement: what to know? Is it worth changing your iPhone to a new model, especially in a situation where the device is broken and needs repair?

There are several reasons why users choose iPhone replacement if the old model is broken:

  • The old iPhone did not support regular updates, and so the gadget can no longer give 100% of its performance
  • You’ve been wishing to buy the freshest Apple model for a long time, but still didn’t dare. Now your old iPhone is broken, and it no longer makes sense for you to postpone the purchase of the long-awaited item.
  • The damage to the old iPhone is too serious. To repair it completely, you need to purchase several components and it will also take a long time to complete the work to eliminate all defects. This is another case where it is better to buy a new phone.

repair or replace iphone

IPhone Repair

Apple smartphones and tablets cannot be called cheap in any way, so even in the most difficult situation it is worth trying to repair the gadget before going to buy a new device. But first, be aware on how much does it cost to repair a broken iPhone.

IPhone failure can occur for various reasons. However, if you find a professional specialist, he will care a lot and repair your device from any damage. There have been cases when, even after a heavy fall to the laminate and even the tiled floor, the specialists of repair companies managed to fix your Apple phone.

Often, a faulty part, such as a torn cable or a cracked display, can simply be replaced with a new one. However, it should be considered that Apple company products resemble a computer, so the work should be done clearly and accurately. The intervention of an unskilled master can only aggravate the situation and increase the cost of subsequent repairs.

Replace vs Repair: What Should I Prefer?

iPhone Repair: what to know in this case? Of course, it’s worth repairing, and it’s much cheaper than going to the store to get a new cell phone. In addition, as evidenced by the owners of iPhones who have already visited service centers, qualified craftsmen are capable of miracles and successfully repair even the most seemingly hopeless devices. According to the majority of customers, their iPhones began to operate better after repair.


After all, let’s summarize: is it better to repair or replace an older iPhone? Apple equipment, such as iPhones, is in most cases cheaper to fix than to buy a new device. Professionals can not only eliminate the main breakdowns, but also fix minor flaws, which will significantly improve the performance of your iOS gadget. Besides, a repaired device contains information that is important for each owner. In addition, at the final stage, the specialists of the service center must provide all necessary warranty for the work performed.

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