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Director Hari’s Sequel film Singam 3 was released after a lot of issues in the Tamil cine industry. Producer Gnanavel Raja speech against Tamilrockers pirate site, Tamilrockers challenged the Singam 3 producer and after loads of Drama, the movie Singam 3 is getting good responses in the overseas. Singam 3 review will be updated shortly on this page along with the twitter updates.

Tamilrockers challenged Singam 3 producer that they will leak the movie online in 24 hrs after S3 release. It is impossible to stop digital pirates in India. But we request you to watch Singam3 aka Si3 movie on the Theater if you like Singam 3 reviews. Singam 3 Tamilrockers issues have been already updated, and it won’t be available for live streaming on the release day of the movie.

Tamil Actor Suriya’s next big movie Singam 3 released on the 9th February 2017 worldwide. The movie Singam 3 was later renamed as Si 3 or S 3. It is also released in Telugu in the name of Yamudu 3. After a lot of postpones due to so many reasons, finally, the movie got released today. Suriya, Anushka Shetty and Shruthi Hassan plays a lead role in S3 movie.

singam 3 review

Harris Jayaraj, music director of the film, Studio Green Production House K.E Gnanavel Raja is the Producer of Singam 3, and Sivakumar is releasing Telugu version of the movie.

The actor Suriya appearing as the DCP Durai Singam, who took action against the international company’s activity. He also stepped out to catch the criminals in the murder of a Police Commissioner. The private company needs their international orders, so they dumping global waste illegally in the Visakhapatnam (Vizag). The third extension of Singam series targeting new criminals with the same speed of Singam and Singam 2. Most of the Suriya fans and the social activity people will be loving the action of Suriya’s good. He delivered all the moves without hurting good one. The actor like Suriya is the form looks like the angry of every social activity people. Some of us can’t be able to show our tough face to someone who all doing activities against nature. Suriya conveys the movie over his shoulders alone. The anti’s Thakur Anoop Singh as Vitthal Prasad is the fundamental foe in the film which is similarly intense as Suriya that makes the scenes they seem all the more grasping and locks in.

Both of the female leads are appearing very few scenes. The Anushka shows her part in just two scenes and melodies. The third instalment new female lead is Shruti Hasan, she is the writer. Her portion also very thin in the Singam 3 aka Si3 (Yamudu 3). She helps Suriya for the investigation and researching of the case. Otherwise, the two female leads didn’t much for the story of this film.

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