SmartCash (SMART) jumps 120% high on January 13

SmartCash: SMART, the merchant oriented cryptocurrency is gaining suddenly on Saturday, 13th January by increasing more than 100%. The value of the coin reaches life-time $3.45 high with the market capitalization of one billion USD. So, it moved to the 30th rank in the market according to the

SmartCash launched in July 2017 to the public from the zcoin project, which is the community governance, cooperation & growth focused blockchain based currency and decentralized economy based on the Keccak algorithm. In the initial stage in July 2017, the coin open price was $0.48.

In the last 30 days (except this Friday and Saturday), it increased 651.88% high, in these two days, it reaches more than 100%. From $0.106, it touches $3.00 at present in 30 days.

At the same time, SMART has 1.18B coins mined giving it $1 billion market cap with the 582,296,253 circulating supply. According to the official website note, the SmartCash maximum coins available are five billion. It uses Keccak algorithm with PoW proof type.

List of SmartCash Exchange site: hitBTC, and Coin Exchange.


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