Social Trade News: Is it Possible to Get Your Money Back from Social Trade Biz?

Social Trade Scam Latest News: The website called which was running under a company named Ablaze Info Solutions, Private Limited. The CEO of the company Anubhav Mittal has been arrested yesterday by UP Police and the first phase of the investigation is going on to find about their Social Trade Biz plans, how much they scammed and how they are making money from common people and investigation results are real shocking ones. The Social Trade Biz scammed people in the name of “Social Media Exchange” which means people can make money online like “Earn Rs.5 Per Click“. They trapped more than 7 Lakh people and asked them to join in their scheme which ranges from Rs.5,750 to Rs.57,000 that gives different ROI based on different investment.

Another shocking fact about Social Trade Biz Investigation is, the company scammed more than Rs.3500 crores from Indian people, especially those who are working on the Software industries and other online money makers hard earned money. Social Trade Biz periodically change their website name once they complete scamming some number of people successfully. Here are some of their other website which works same as MLM business models,,,,, Those who are invested in this Social Trade Biz are depressed as their hard earned money is gone now. You can read about current mentality and emotions of the people who got scammed by Social Trade in the comments here – Social Trade Biz

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Social Trade News
Social Trade Biz Scam Updates

Social Trade Biz News: Are you a Victim? Is it possible to get your Invested Money Back?

Unfortunately, we can’t say anything regarding getting money back from Social Trade Biz as their bank account has been seized already by UP Police and they are cross checking with a number of transactions. The Police also found transactions of Rs.500+ crores so far in their primary investigation on Social Trade and still investigation process is going on.

If they were able to find all transaction records, and money is still in the Ablaze Info Solutions bank account, there is a chance of getting back your money. But we need to wait for some time in order to see how this case moves as this is quite crucial scam to deal with for the Government.

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Got Scammed by Social Trade Biz? What Next?

We are sorry for you being fallen to the Social Trade scam. If you got scammed by Social Trade Biz and never got any payments from them, kindly file a police complaint against that company in your nearby Police station explaining how much you paid, when you paid to their Social Trade Biz bank account, etc.

If all goes well, Indian Police can definitely help us to get our money back asap.

Please comment your experience with Social Trade Biz below. Did you get money from them? If so how long you got money from Social Trade? We got connected with many people via Facebook and Twitter and 90% of the people were unsatisfied with Social Trade Biz.

How to Deal with Social Trade Biz Like Scams?

This is one of the Cons of the Internet. We can’t control over to such people as they hide their identity or fake it like a real identity on the Internet in order to make people to believe themselves that they were a┬álegit company.

The thins is simple, MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) never works anywhere. There is no quick and easy Online money making methods exists unless you have skills and you know what you are doing. Lack of knowledge for the youngsters is one of the reasons for Social Trade Biz scam. Next time, if you get any messages from your friends or family asking you to invest online, just try to educate them rather than investing blindly to save our society. Comment if you agree.

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