virtual background for team meeting

Stand Out on Microsoft Teams With a Virtual Background

Remote work is here to stay, despite what many career managers with regular blog columns might want to think. Not only was remote work growing as a way of running the office before the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s been shown at this point to reduce costs for smaller companies without a big investment in existing physical infrastructure. It may not stay the norm for every worker, but it is definitely here to stay.

This means adjusting to a reality where your team or your client’s team is not all in one location is a necessity. Luckily, there are some great solutions to maintain professionalism when you conference remotely, including using a custom virtual office background for Teams that unifies your presentation style and protects your team members’ privacy. Virtual backgrounds allow you to create the illusion of a shared conference room by sharing the same backdrop, and that makes it easier to hold meetings even in the same building, because no one has to book an actual communal space to make it work.

virtual background for team meeting

Share Your Background With Your Colleagues

The best part about a custom MS Teams background? You can share it with the rest of your colleagues to present a united front when discussing projects with clients or even with other teams and departments within your organization. Not only does that help your teammates present a professional front, it also helps them maintain privacy when working remotely. With a virtual background, no one needs to know who is working from the office and who is currently working from home. All the other party sees is you, your background, and the presentation of your ideas.

Personalized Backgrounds

Owner operators and those whose organizations do not have standardized team backgrounds can set up their own to gain privacy and presentational benefits that come with their use, too. Whether you are looking for the best Google Meet background or something that works with other platforms, the same principles apply. You can set up your visual elements including any text, logos, and color choices with easy-to-use template tools.

From there, it’s just a simple matter of integrating your creation into your software’s video conferencing setup. You’ll find most of the same tools that help you create these backgrounds also provide the framework for integrating them into various video conferencing platforms, and that makes it easy to maintain the same presentational style across your entire professional life.

Set Yourself Up for Success Today

Nothing helps you establish your professional brand like a visual reminder of who you are and what you stand for. Custom backgrounds for Teams and other conferencing platforms allow you to do this in a way that is not intrusive and does not take any time or focus from the conversation at hand. That means you get to quietly reinforce who you are and what you do while you’re doing it, building and maintaining client confidence as you go. For such a simple tool, it sure is powerful. Find out for yourself today.

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