The Girl on the Train Movie Review, True Story & Ratings

The Girl on the Train Review: The film inspired from the Paula Hawkins’s book called “The Girl on the Train.” The film was already shown in Odeon Leicester Square, London on September 20. From Today onwards, the film releases across the United Kingdom. The movie will be released on October 7 in the United States. Get The Girl on the Train Review, Rating, Story Plot here below. Most of the people need to clarify the doubt that, Is the girl on the train true story? Here, the critical ratings are provided from the data of The Girl on the Train Wiki.

The Girl on the Train Movie Review, True Story & Ratings

The Girl on the Train Review

Emily Blunt, Rebecca Ferguson, Haley Bennett, and more characters were acted in this film. The 2 minutes 26 seconds Teaser Trailer was released on 20th April 2016, by Universal Pictures YouTube Channel. The people can also get the complete details about this movie by searching on the google as the girl on the train wiki. Read The Girl on the Train Review here below followed by the Story Plot.

The Girl on the Train Story plot

From ‘The Girl on the Train’ Trailer itself, you can able to get the theme story of this film. Even though here we explain with some little words about the story of The Girl on the Train. Rachel Watson (Emily Blunt) takes a train for each day to her office in the Witney town. At this travel, she passes every day across on her ex-husband’s Tom (Justin Theroux) house with his new wife Anna (Rebecca Ferguson). As of this travel filled with one another family after her ex-husband’s house. In that, Jess (Haley Bennett) and Janson (Luke Evans) living with lots of love. Rachel loved this couple’s love on her everyday travel. One day, there was a change on that couple’s life. The remaining story is how Rachel connected with this family and What happen with Jess?

The Girl on the Train Review

Tate Taylor’s directorial film has edited by the Michael McCusker and two of people has taken the cinematography. Based on the book, Erin Cressida Wilson has handled the screenplay of this film. DreamWorks Pictures, Reliance Entertainment, and Marc Platt Productions are there for support as the bankrollers. Universal Pictures is the distributor the film.

As of now, the movie got average reviews from the Public and the critics rated half of star out of 100. The Girl on the Train Critics Rating has given below.

Watch The Girl on the Train Teaser Trailer Here

Here is the answer for those who all willing to know, Is the Girl on train true story. The movie consisted all the scenes as intense sex scenes, blood, police, and fights. Some of the rumors are spread out as it is a true story. The Actual answer for this question is NOT. The story of the Girl on the Train has not happened in real life. It is a Novel by Paula Hawkins, which was released in 2015.

Hawkins talk about the question of The Girl on the Train True Story rumors. She said, “You feel like you’ve made a connection with these people. You see their houses or maybe a painting on their wall that you like and think, ‘Oh that’s nice. I’d probably like those people, and then you have to stop yourself and think, ‘You don’t know them.'”

The Girl on the Train Movie Cast and Crew

Cast: Emily Blunt, Rebecca Ferguson, Haley Bennett, Justin Theroux, Luke Evans, Édgar Ramírez, Allison Janney.

Director Tate Taylor
Producer Marc Platt
Screenplay Erin Cressida Wilson
Cinematography Cinematography
Editor Michael McCusker

The Girl on the Train Wiki & Critical Review

The movie got average and mixed review from the public and the critics. The girl on the train true story rumor got the answer and various media revealed about this with the help of girl on a train book author. According to the data of The Girl on the Train Wiki, the  Paula Hawkin’s cameo scene was cut during the post production work.

Rotten Tomatoes 56% (from 25 reviews)
Metacritic 50% (from 13 critics reviews)

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