“The Last Jedi” – Star Wars Episode VIII Official Title Revealed

Star Wars Episode VIII Title: Disney and Lucasfilm made an announcement on Monday on the official website of Star Wars in which they revealed the title of Star Wards Episode VIII as “The Last Jedi“. It will be directed by Rian Johnson who is well known for directing Thriller and time traveling looper.

the last jedi star wars episode 8

Star Wars fans are raising a speculation that the Last Jedi may refer to Kylo Ren who trained by Luke along with others initially. J.J Abraham himself bolstered that Ren is not a Sith without revealing any more details. It might be like Kylo Ren may be currently a Dark Jedi.

In the announcement of The Last Jedi, the title was written in Red font indicating something ominous that combined with the title might refer to Skywalker’s death.

The Last Jedi Star Wars Episode VII will hit the theaters this year on December 15th. Stay tuned for more updates on the Last Jedi news and castings.


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