The Lego Batman Movie Trailer 2 Released | Watch Now

The Lego Batman Film is getting ready to release in 2017. On last week, we all known about the First Trailer of this film, also we feel the trailer by the watch, and we all get the pieces of information about this film from here. The Lego Batman Movie Trailer 2 was released their team. Yup..! this time we can see The Lego Batman’s Mom and The Lego Batman’s Dad featured in this trailer.

The LEGO Batman Movie Trailer 2

Looks from The Lego Batman Movie Trailer 2

In this trailer, there is a family photo on the wall with Batman’s Mom and Dad. Where Alfred stand behind him at that time, he tells about the heroism of his past life. He knocked Alfred suddenly and punted into the piano. Alfred requested something to Batman, he made a step for the music and also some action frames on this trailer. The Trailer ends with the yellow banner as we known as ‘The Lego Batman Movie’ and ‘Coming 2017’ with the hashtag of #LEGOBATMANMOVIE.

The Warner Bros Picture and Warner Animation Group have been producing this film with lots of Eye Catching scenes. Let’s get the trailer from here.

The Lego Batman Movie Trailer 2

The LEGO Batman Movie Teaser – Wayne Manor A movie so big, it needs two videos. Here’s another teaser for the #LEGOBatmanMovie.

Posted by The LEGO Batman Movie on 28 March 2016

Live Tweets by Fans about The Lego Batman Movie Trailer

Following are the Twitter reactions after the release of The Lego Batman Movie Trailer 2 today,

The Dark Knight saves the city again in first trailer

The movie is expected to release on 2017 earlier. Still waiting for confirmation from Officials.

Stay tuned for more updates regarding The Lego Batman Movie.


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