how to play dice game

Tips and Tricks on How to Play Dice at BC.GAME

Dice is a game of chance where players wager on the outcome of rolling a virtual dice. The objective is to predict whether the result will be higher or lower than a specific target number. Playing dice in a Bitcoin casino has become increasingly popular in recent years. The house edge in dice games is typically very low. That’s why many gamblers are trying their chances on this game.

Know How to Play The Game

Dice games are fun and easy to play, providing an enjoyable form of entertainment. While gambling should never be considered a reliable source of income, some players can experience winnings in dice games. Knowing how to play strategically can increase your chances of winning and add extra funds to your Bitcoin wallet.

how to play dice game

Understand The Dice Game Rules

Knowing the rules ensures that you and other players have a fair and level playing field. By understanding the rules, you can avoid misunderstandings, disputes, or potential manipulation of the game. It also allows you to make informed decisions during gameplay. You can strategize and adjust your bets based on the game’s rules, increasing your chances of success.

Know The Rollover and Rollunder 

You can set the rollover or roll under the round amount before you roll the dice. This amount will decide if you win or lose the game. In rolling mode, you want the dice to land on a number higher than you have set. If you are playing a roll under the mode, the dice must have a number lower than you have set.  You need the dice to give you a number in the green area.

If you raise your rollover amount, your chances of winning will decrease, but if you do win, you can expect a big reward.

Consider Different Strategies

Different strategies when playing dice can help you optimize your betting patterns and improve your chances of winning. While dice is a game of chance, employing various strategies can add an element of control and enhance your overall gaming experience.

The Martingale system is a common betting strategy in several casino games, including dice. The objective is to make up for lost bets with a single win. Short-term success is possible, but a long losing run could wipe out your bankroll if you do this.

You can also set auto-betting to manage your bankroll.  If you win, the auto-betting option lets you change the amount of your bet based on the percentage you set. The same thing happens when you are losing. The auto-bet feature will stop when you hit a certain amount of winnings. You can also set a loss amount to stop the auto-betting so you don’t lose more from your bankroll.


Following the tips and tricks outlined in this guide, you can enjoy a thrilling and rewarding experience while playing dice in a Bitcoin casino. Keep learning, practicing, and refining your strategies to maximize your gaming adventure. Understanding the game’s rules is crucial for fair play, making informed decisions, and avoiding costly mistakes.

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