TRON flying high – TRX reaches $0.16 by increasing 107% in 24 hours

TRON: TRX is currently the 10th most valuable digital currency in the crypto market. At present, it having $10 billion USD market cap. The value of the market cap increased 100 percent high within 24 hours. On 3rd January, it was at $0.094 with the market cap of $5bn.

The recent updates of Justin Sun about the consecutive partnership with TRON make ever high. The Founder of Tron, Sun quoted “This is just a beginning!” for entering into the top 10 list. Also, he created curiosity on the upcoming partnership by saying they will announce their partnership with a very prestigious public listed company next week.

Also, he replied to their user’s question as the Tron website will be available in English as soon as this week. Lastly, they had a tie-up with the as it was announced officially on Wednesday, 4th January.

In the Christmas time, it was traded with the $0.032, now it is at $0.16, also it was located somewhere at 56th rank.

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TRON prediction: According to the prediction, this coin will be going to give more back to their investors. Also, it is looking good for the long-term investments. In a recent tweet of Justin Sun, he said that “More partnerships are coming! Even NASDAQ listed companies and the giant companies with more than 100 million users started to contact us for partnership. We will be huge soon!”

Main Aim of TRON is trying to be a worldwide free content distribution system, not as a new digital currency.

Also, there is a rumor that Chinese giant Alibaba could partner with Tron due to the relationship between Tron’s Justin Sun and Alibaba founder Jack Ma. While he already announced that one of the senior members of Alibaba has joined with Tron. Even more, the former Alibaba Chief Data Mining Expert Zhao Hong (Marcus) has also joined with TRON. Zhao will mainly take charge of the overall structure of blockchain and development of the smart contract.

Where to buy TRON (TRX): You can buy this coin from Binance, which is one of safest exchange platform. You can also find more other coins there to trade. Go with additional own research about to invest on cryptocurrencies!

About Justin Sun: He is the former chief representative of Ripple in Chine and a Founder/CEO of Peiwo (like a China’s Snapchat app). Recently on 14th October 2017, he announced that all PEIWO 10 million users can use TRX to tip the show soon. PEIWO will be the first live streaming app to receive cryptos.” He congratulates the Ripple when it touches its first $2 USD. His official tweet reads that “Huge Congrats to Ripple! When XRP is 0.005 USD we never thought it would achieve 2.85 USD in just three years. TRON will follow the miracle of Ripple.”


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