TRON partnership with Baofeng – the Netflix of China But TRX getting down Now

TRON has now partnered with the Baofeng video streaming service in China, which is also called as Chinese Netflix. The Peiwo and founder of Tron announced this partnership officially on Wednesday, 10th January. The has signed the agreement with Tron, both of them will start their work in the deployment of full nodes in the blockchain network and many others like an integration of blockchain with online entertainment and more.

At present, the Baofeng having more than 200 million users and also the company has achieved the aggregate market value of over 8 billion CNY.

“After communicating with the TRON team, we find that TRON already enjoys a huge global community and market and that TRON is essentially a complex network composed of an integrated blockchain settlement system and a P2P data engine system that offers smart contracts large file services and that allows intelligent cache and deployment.

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“As a large-scale P2P network operator, we know how difficult this network is and how great the technical challenges are. We look forward to the TRON team overcoming the difficulties and launching the network,” said’s CEO Tianlong Cui.

Check the official update of Baofeng here.

“For TRON, 2018 will be a year of rapid growth. Launching the main chain will be the top priority. Baofeng’s BCN service will pave the way for TRON’s sustained development,” said TRON’s founder Justin Sun.

TRX getting down suddenly within 24 hours, it dips -35.43% in one day. In the market capitalization, it is now at $6bn USD and its value is $0.098 USD. Hope, it will be getting high according to the company’s prediction in 2018.


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