TRON update – Technical team live stream announcement

Tron foundation has announced the official update on their upcoming live stream with their technical team. According to the tweet, it reads that the Periscope live stream will begin at 06:30 pm PST on Sunday, 11th February 2018. In this live stream, they will spend with the topic of the architecture and landscape of TRON. Also, they will talk about the community developer program.

In the past few days, Tron also affected a lot because of the back to back news from the Korea, India, and China on Cryptocurrency. From Yesterday, TRX dropped 20 percent low with the price value of $0.03 USD. Because of the Justin Sun’s involvement in improving and promoting the TRX crypto-token, it has around $2 billion market capitalization.

Read the official announcement here which was published on Tuesday evening at social media platform: “TRON technical team will have a live stream on Periscope at PST time 18:30, Feb 11th, 2018. They will talk about the architecture and landscape of TRON and community developer program, Please see poster for more details.”

We can see about Tron Testnet launch update. Former Tencent and Alibaba big data expert, Lucien Chen will be the head.

If you like to buy TRX, then visit the exchange website called Binance or Cryptopia. Then start trade with the help of Bitcoin or Etherum. Binance is one which is trusted by more people and also, it has more other top cryptocurrencies. So, it is not necessary to sign up more exchange websites to trade with more coins.

Founder Justin Sun: He is the former chief representative of Ripple in Chine and a Founder/CEO of Peiwo like a China’s Snapchat app.


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