Rio Olympics 2016 on Twitter! More than 200 Emojis

Twitter Rio Olympics 2016: The year 2016 Review book going to be share with Rio Summer games. Google, Bing, Facebook, and Twitter are ready to celebrate along with the people who all loves Rio 2016. Twitter allows the users to use more than 200 emojis for Rio Olympics. Get more updates about the Twitter Olympic updates here below.

Twitter Rio Olympics 2016

Twitter Rio Olympics 2016

The Rio 2016 Olympic games will begin with with the Opening Ceremony on this Friday. The opening ceremony will be held at Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We already shared about the Google and YouTube Search Updates for Rio 2016. One of microblogging website is the Twitter. It will help us to show our supports for our teams, athletes, games, etc., Let  know about the New emojis.

Twitter allows using 207 team flag. We need to type our First three letters of our Country code along with the hashtag.

Following Three emojis are refers the Medals of Gold, Silver, Bronze


Rio Olympics Games Emojis:

Rio Olympics Games Emojis are provided below. Also the Twitter Rio Olympics 2016 games such as OlympicFlame, RoadToRio, Olympics, Silver, Bronze, Gold, OlympicGames, Football, OpeningCeremony, Hockey, CyclingTrack, Volleyball, Basketball, Diving, Taekwondo, Athletics, BeachVolleyball, Boxing, Wrestling, TableTennis, Fencing, Waterpolo, Handball, Badminton, Sailing, CanoeSprint, Taekwondo, CanoeSprint, CanoeSlalom, Rowing, MarathonSwimming, CyclingBMX, Rowing, EquestrianEventing, Golf, EquestrianDressage, EquestrianJumping, Triathlon, CyclingMountainBike, RugbySevens, Trampoline, Archery, SynchronisedSwimming, ArtisticGymnastics, WeightLifting, Sailing, Shooting, ModernPentathlon, Judo, Tennis, WrestlingGrecoRoman, etc.,

*Emojis Credits:

#OlympicFlame #RoadToRio
 #waterpolo #Handball
#CanoeSprint #Taekwondo
#CanoeSlalom #Rowing
#MarathonSwimming  #CyclingBMX
#EquestrianEventing #EquestrianDressage
#EquestrianJumping #Triathlon
 #CyclingMountainBike #RugbySevens
#Trampoline #Archery
#SynchronisedSwimming #ArtisticGymnastics
#WeightLifting #ModernPentathlon
 #WrestlingGrecoRoman  #Shooting

Shooting and WrestlingGrecoRoman emojis look like a below Imagetwitter rio olympics 2016 hashtags

Stay tuned for More information about Twitter Rio Olympics 2016.


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