Twitter Timeline Embed in Websites: The Micro-Text Social Media giant is letting the developers add twitter timeline in the websites by using their new updated publisher page ( Scroll down and get our WORLDHAB Twitter Timeline.

This updated feature let you add the URL of Twitter feed in the following categories such as Likes, Tweets, Collections, Profile, List. Then you will get an embeddable code for your site. Just copy that embed code and paste that into your HTML.

Twitter timeline embed
New Update: Twitter Timeline Embed in Websites

New Update: Twitter Timeline Embed in Websites

TwitterDev  @TwitterDev: We’ve made it a lot easier to add engaging Twitter timelines directly into your website.

This New Twitter feature made a new way to use the Twitter, in particular for the Twitter lovers. Users can add their real-time feed as live on their website.

As we said in the above stanza, if you don’t have the main feed, then you can also use the Lists, Collections, Likes URL and get the embed copy.