ULIP Explained: Unveiling the Full Form and How It Works

ULIP stands for Unit Linked Insurance Plans. Now that we have established ULIP full form let us understand what is beyond the ULIP full form. As the ULIP full form goes, it provides the policyholder with the dual benefit of investments & insurance. Investments are a stepping-stone to your long-term financial dreams & aspirations, while insurance takes care of your family in case of an unexpected, unfortunate circumstance occurs. 

Interestingly, the premium you pay is divided into two parts; one goes for the investments & the other goes for the insurance. Hence, the instrument known as a Unit Linked Insurance plan or ULIP full-form is demystified here. 

As per the ulip full form, the insurance here means a life cover that is designed to protect your family. The unit part of the ulip full form here means investments. These investments can be tailor-made as per your needs & risk appetite. The investments can be divided into equity or debt or just equity or just debt. 


Let us understand how ULIPs work: 

  1. ULIPs are a dual instrument that provides you with growth as well as security for your family. In order to foray into your decision to avail ULIPs for yourself, you will need to determine the level of life cover, premium amount, mode of payment of premium, & the tenure of the policy. It would help if you arrived at this decision taking into account your earnings & savings. 
  2. The frequency at which you pay for your problems can be monthly, half-yearly, or on an annual basis. This can be decided at your convenience. You can also customize your payout plan where your returns can be upfront or lumpsum, & even recurring payments can be annual, half-yearly, or monthly. 
  3. Since the policy has a dual aspect, a part of your cover goes toward investing your sum & rest goes toward getting insurance. 
  4. When your money goes toward investing, it goes through one of three channels, wherein equity, debt & a hybrid option is available. The money that goes toward equities will be invested in stocks. The debt part of your investment will go toward bonds, government securities, & similar low-risk investment vehicles. If the investment part is hybrid-based, the capital goes into a mix of equity & debt-based options that help you manage risk better. 
  5. As far as growth goes, age-old knowledge stays invested for a longer duration. The same is the case with these ULIPs. The longer you visit support, the chances of better returns grow. 
  6. When it comes to an unfortunate incident, and your family has lost you, the nominee will receive the sum assured, which will help them deal with finances better. 

Consider ULIPs as an investment option if you want a dual investment that helps you focus better. ULIPs also help you diversify your investments better. One of the simple ways to go about it is to read & research & compare before you start investing. This enables you to choose options that suit you.

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