Urjit R. Patel fake Twitter account deleted (RBI governor) by Twitter

Urjit Patel fake Twitter account: The Urjit R. Patel is previously working as a RBI Deputy Governor. Now he was appointed as the Governor of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) by the government. The Twitter deletes the fake account of RBI governor designates Urjit Patel. This Twitter account was used to respond to greeting tweets as congratulatory messages on this Saturday following his appointment.

Urjit Patel fake Twitter account deleted

Urjit Patel fake Twitter account deleted

The Fake Twitter account of Urjit Patel (@UrjitPatel_) was created in June month of this year. But, the First Tweet has been twitter on this Saturday. Before this Tweet, the account has the followers of nearly 470 around the time of 6 PM on this Saturday. After the First Tweet about the Urjit Patel’s appointment, the followers of this account has raised as more than 8500 after 22 hours later. This Tweet has been retweeted nearly 1000 times and it has more than 2000 likes after 22 hours later. And it is Unverified Twitter Account. Also, this tweet was tagged to the finance minister Arun Jaitley Twitter account.

Fake Tweet:

Thank you everyone for your warm wishes! I will give my best to live up to the expectation of people.

Finally, this fake twitter account is deleted by the company, Twitter. The New Governer handled only one account as @RBI. This account also didn’t follow the Urjit Patel’s fake account. After lots of emails (questions) to Twitter, the company checked it and deleted the account.


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