UTRUST (UTK) price increased 50% high on January 17

UTRUST: UTK is the official crypto token which aims to create the next-generation digital coin to buy goods by using the user’s favorite cryptocurrency and also they can sell in the same.

This works with the features of Lower Buyer Purchase Risk, Payment Approval Speed, Low exchange fees, Low seller fees, Multiple Cryptocurrencies accepted, Safety of funds, No Chargebacks, Customer Payment Protection, Efficient resolution of disputes, a Performance-based rating of the seller, and Decentralized token linked to platform value.

At the end of December 2017, the coin has launched to the public after various private testing. In the short duration, the value of this coin reaches high, it is because of the vision of UTRUST team and the partnerships.

In the UTRUST whitepaper, it reads that UTRUST focusing to make the online payment platform to another level as a next-generation transaction with the help of crypto coins.

On 16-17th January 2018, all the top coins in the crypto market are declined. There are five coins in the top 100 and five coins in the next 100 are looking good with the green numbers as those tokens are increased when others are decreased on Wednesday. UTRUST (UTK) price increased 42.63% high on January 17.

Update: Huobi Pro launches DTA and UTK on January 17, DTA/BTC and DTA/ETH trading will be available from 14:00, January 18 (GMT+8) – @Huobi_Pro.

Where to Buy UTRUST (UTK)?

Though it decreased from the US$1.16, now the value of the coin is $0.63 by increasing 42.63% when to compare with the yesterday’s price. The market cap is more than US$100 million. UTRUST (UTK) available on HitBTC cryptocurrency exchange. So, now you can buy UTK and trade easily with others. Also, OKEX.com will start trading $UTK soon. KuCoin traders can access to UTK/BTC and UTK/ETH trading pairs upon listing. Users can start trading UTK on KuCoin which was started from 29th December 2017 at 21:00 (UTC +8).


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