Uttarakhand Assembly Floor Test : Bhim Lal Arya & Rekha Arya Swapped Parties

Uttarakhand Assembly Floor Test News: Congress MLA Rekha Arya joined hands with BJP before the few minutes of Floor Test in the Uttarakhand assembly. It is also reported that BJP MLA Bhim Lal Arya joined hands with the Congress party.

Uttarakhand Assembly Floor Test

Before the few minutes of the floor test, Rekha Arya reached the Assembly premises accompanied by BJP leaders. The floor test will be held between 11 AM and 1 PM. With the simultaneous turns of events, the electoral tally of both BJP and Congress remains unaffected. BJP with 28 MLAs will maintain the same figure.

Uttarakhand Assembly Floor Test

Congress needs 33 MLAs in total to prove their majority strength in the House. Recently, BSP Mayawati confirmed that her 2 MLAs will vote for Congress. Also, independent legislators also expected to hand with Congress.

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Stay tuned for Uttarakhand News updates about Assembly elections.


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