VIBE jumps 400% high to 2.44 USD after Listed in Binance Exchange

VIBE is another new cryptocurrency which getting attention in recent days as it is listed in Binance Exchange for Bitcoin and Ethereum Pairs. The value of the VIBE coin surges more than 400% high after it has been listed in the Binance exchange portal. Within few hours, the currency value of VIBE reaches $2.42 USD from $0.90 USD.

In the Binance cryptocurrency exchange, this coin is available for VIBE/BTC and VIBE/ETH pairs. A few days ago, the Binance new Registration was stopped, but later it opened again to all new registration.

In the meantime, there is unofficial news that another big digital currency exchange KuCoin will shut down for the new registration soon. So, it is the best time to create an account if you have not any in both of these sites. Due to the sudden popularity of these coins, the users are getting an increase in all exchange platform.

Binance: VIBE/BTC and VIBE/ETH trading pairs are now available on Binance for trading. You can start depositing and trading VIBE now.

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This is also called as VIBEHub, it is created to enhance the technology in virtual reality hubs and marketplaces. VIBE is the crypto token, it allows the users to sell and buy experiences of Holoportation technology. You can be now purchased in HitBTC, EtherDelta, and Binance.

Live Value of VIBE:

As mentioned above, it is using the Holoportation technology which is volumetric video. By using this technology, anyone can feel the reality of closer and more intimate interaction with artists, educators or instructors.

Another new venture in cryptocurrency in recent days is the introduction of Kodak blockchain technology, KodakCoin. It aims to protect the copyrights of photography and will create a new economy for the photographers.


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