[VIDEO] AR Rahman’s Latest Urvasi Urvasi song takes a funny at demonetisation, Donald Trump

AR Rahman’s Latest Urvasi Urvasi song: The Indian Musical Legendary AR Rahman reimagined version of his old songs on recent days. Here, Urvasi Urvasi song on Stage in MTV. A few weeks back, the most famous Humma Humma song has released with the modern tunes and made a trend record. Now, the Oscar Academy Award-winning music composer has come with reinvented his popular song Tamil Song Urvasi Urvasi. On Official Facebook of MTV India, the video created the biggest mark. It is not just a song with same old lyrics. It has remade with the present situations, the song denotes the PM Narendra Modi’s demonetisation move and the United State President election.

The seventh edition of MTV, the AR Rahman sang the song along with Suresh Peters who also lent his voice in the original hit. Before on the final stage performance, the composer has taken his Social Media and asked the Tamil-speaking people for the contributions on new lyrics with the funky ideas. The team received 1000 of contributions. In that, they pick four lines from the contributors. Check the following lines here:

Prasad Krishna – “Beltu Potoom Veshti Avundha”
Achintya Vatlu – “Helmet Potoom Mama Pidicha”
Rajesh Rajamani – “Kadalai Naduvil Battery Thirndal”
Dileep Balaji – “Kizhinja Panta Fashion Nu Sonna”

Watch Urvasi Urvasi song ( Latest Version )

The song reached nearly 3 Million peoples through Facebook and crossing 81 thousand reactions. The original version of this song was composed in 1994 for the film of Kadhalan. The film was directed by the Shankar with the lead actors of Prabhudeva and Nagma. The recent hit of Humma song for OK Jaanu is releasing today on January 13. The film featured by the Aashiqui 2. Though, the review of this recreated Humma song received mixed words.


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