Voonik Launches Voonik Men App – MrVoonik

Voonik Launches Voonik Men mrvoonik.com: Voonik and Mr Voonik, an Indian Online shopping company based on the Women and Men fashion. Voonik Men was launched on April, 2016. Voonik, headquartered in Bangalore, is founded by Sujayath Ali and Navaneetha Krishnan in January 2013.

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Voonik was launched with an initiative to provide the personalized shopping experience to women. Voonik has been ranked as the Top women friendly App. Also with the latest acqui-hiring of Getsty, Trailkart, and other fashion players, Voonik has got its way to target Men’s world as well with Voonik Men. Processing thousands of orders daily, Voonik Women has already one of the top growing e-commerce company in the Fashion industry.MrVoonik

Voonik Men App – MrVoonik

Like, Voonik.com, Voonik’s men website Mr Voonik will also be a personalized shopping app for Men. For now, users are provided with a list of questions like a quiz which includes one’s body size, height, skin tone, budget and the type of cloth they prefer to buy, based on which the products will be shown the customer. A completely new team has already completed working on the men’s part to make it as big as the Women’s App is. The New personalized app for Men has been launched in April, 2016. Also, the new name for Voonik men app is revealed as MrVoonik.com.

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Voonik Men MrVoonik
Voonik Men

Mr Voonik is also available in all three Platforms like WEB, WAP and App.

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Voonik Vilara App

Along with Voonik Men, Voonik may also launch a luxury section app for the premium wear users. Voonik’s Men’s and Luxury app will be available on all three platform, WEB, WAP and Android App.

Voonik was recently in the news for their latest TV Campaign by Farah khan and also being 33rd among the Top 100 startup list in World. Voonik stands in Forbes Top 20 StartUps to watch in 2016.

Forbes List of Top 20 StartUps to Watch in 2016

Stay tuned for more updates on Voonik Men and MrVoonik.


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